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Source Code Plagiarism Detection using <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> preview

Source Code Plagiarism Detection using Machine Learning

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n-gram features, tf-idf weighting and cosine similarity. The second part ..... tool Keras [20], in combination with the computation graph backend TensorFlow.

<b>Machine</b> <b>learning</b> in NLP Lecture 6: Predicting structured objects preview

Machine learning in NLP Lecture 6: Predicting structured objects (2014)

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recap: multiclass perceptron w = (0,...,0) ... when training a perceptron, we make predictions and update the weights ..... some Python libraries.

Ratchet: The Underdog of <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> Algorithms preview

Ratchet: The Underdog of Machine Learning Algorithms (2017)

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The Ratchet algorithm can be used in a large number of learning problems. We ..... MV01: (AVA) An “all pairs” classifier trained with the Pocket algorithm.

Parallel & Scalable <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> preview

Parallel & Scalable Machine Learning (2018)

42 Pages | 6.30 MB |

Introduction to Machine Learning Fundamentals. 2. DEEP Projects and Parallel Computing Basics. 3. Unsupervised Clustering and ...

<b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> for Space Projects preview

Machine Learning for Space Projects (2017)

33 Pages | 6.16 MB |

Machine Learning for Space Projects: Example Engineering and Science Case Studies. Hamed Valizadegan. Data Science Group @ NASA Ames Research ...

A <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> Approach to Predicting Passwords preview

A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Passwords (2018)

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will be used to predict password sequences and use these for password cracking and other purposes. ..... For building and training the model, a framework called keras [C+15], was used. Keras provides an .... queries the model to list probabilities for each character given the empty string. In order to get ...

High performance <b>machine</b> <b>learning</b> preview

High performance machine learning (2018)

75 Pages | 27.20 MB |

Pradeep 15 PF. Deep Learning at 15PF*. (In collaboration with NERSC, Stanford, and University of Montreal). • Scientific Achievement. • Signal vs. Background ... Theano, Caffe, Pylearn2, Keras, Lasagne. Mxnet, Chainer ..... global_step = tf.contrib.framework.get_or_create_global_step(). # Create train ...

<b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> techniques applied to dependency parsing preview

Machine Learning techniques applied to dependency parsing (2015)

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A dependency parser links words in a sentence and assign labels to these relations. Just terminal nodes. Labels mark grammatical functions (e.g. Subject, ...

ECS289: Scalable <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> preview

ECS289: Scalable Machine Learning (2016)

24 Pages | 1.28 MB |

SGD-typed algorithms for Deep Learning. Parallel SGD for deep ... (Martens, “ Deep Learning via Hessian-free optimization”. ICML 2010. ).

An Introduction to <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> with Kernels preview

An Introduction to Machine Learning with Kernels

56 Pages | 610.69 KB |

Perceptron and kernels. Hebb's rule, perceptron algorithm, convergence, feature maps, kernel trick, examples. Support Vector classification. Geometrical view ...

Statistics and <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> in Python preview

Statistics and Machine Learning in Python (2018)

181 Pages | 6.10 MB |

Pandas: python library adept at handling sets of structured data: list, tables. Statistics and ..... remove whitespace from start and end of a string.

TensorFlow and <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> fundamentals preview

TensorFlow and Machine Learning fundamentals (2017)

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How to install TensorFlow on various devices. Best practices for structuring your code and project. How to create core machine learning models in TensorFlow.

How to build and deploy <b>machine</b> <b>learning</b> projects preview

How to build and deploy machine learning projects (2017)

29 Pages | 1.25 MB |

Data Scientist Leader at Intel's Advanced Analytics team. • Owns a M.Sc. degree in Information-Systems Engineering at BGU (focused on. Machine-Learning ...

Lecture 3.1: <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> for Named Entity Recognition preview

Lecture 3.1: Machine Learning for Named Entity Recognition

62 Pages | 1.38 MB |

Intelligent Information Extraction,. Neumann & Xu. Esslli Summer School 2004. Example of NE-annotated text. Delimit the named entities in a text and tag them.

Introduction to Practical <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> using Python preview

Introduction to Practical Machine Learning using Python (2016)

71 Pages | 9.32 MB |

Machine Learning using Python. Preparing, manipulating and visualizing data –. NumPy, pandas and matplotlib tutorials. Understanding the pandas module.

Introduction to clustering techniques preview

Introduction to clustering techniques (2004)

32 Pages | 138.43 KB |

From the machine learning perspective, Clustering can be viewed as ... the efficteveness of an algorithm depends on the definition of similarity ...

A high-bias, low-variance introduction to <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> for physicists preview

A high-bias, low-variance introduction to Machine Learning for physicists (2018)

119 Pages | 11.53 MB |

pattern would be observed under a different experimental setup? In addition, methods from ...... from Microsoft achieved an error of 3.57% using an ultra- ...... such as the Torch Vision library in Pytorch or the Caffe framework.

Distributed <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> preview

Distributed Machine Learning (2017)

49 Pages | 2.96 MB |

Distributed Machine Learning. Jinyang Li ... Distributed Computation. 2. 2005 .... Torch. PyTorch (Facebook). Theano. MXNet. TesorFlow(Google). Caffe. Caffe2.

Deep <b>Learning</b> III Unsupervised <b>Learning</b> preview

Deep Learning III Unsupervised Learning (2017)

62 Pages | 8.04 MB |

Deep Learning III. Unsupervised Learning. Russ Salakhutdinov. Machine Learning Department. Carnegie Mellon University. Canadian Institute of Advanced ...

<b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> - K-means Clustering preview

Machine Learning - K-means Clustering (2017)

22 Pages | 698.64 KB |

COMP24111 Machine Learning. 3. Introduction. • Partitioning Clustering Approach. – a typical clustering analysis approach via iteratively partitioning.

<b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> with Python and H2O preview

Machine Learning with Python and H2O (2015)

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More infor- mation on H2O's system and algorithms (as well as complete Python user ... using multiple nodes with Hadoop, an EC2 cluster, or Spark. Hadoop is ...

Serving <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> Models preview

Serving Machine Learning Models (2017)

104 Pages | 1.54 MB |

transferring models between machine learning and model serving. ... trained models in TensorFlow and PMML formats and use them for.

Feature Engineering in <b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> preview

Feature Engineering in Machine Learning (2013)

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Machine learning provides you with extremely powerful tools for decision making ... ... but until a ... designing features, feature representation, feature selection .

<b>Machine</b> <b>Learning</b> with Python and H2O preview

Machine Learning with Python and H2O (2018)

39 Pages | 263.09 KB |

5.2.4 Principal Components Analysis (PCA) . . . . . . . . . 32. 5.3 Grid ... This documentation describes how to use H2O from Python. More infor-.

Effective test scrubbing with <b>machine</b> <b>learning</b> and Python preview

Effective test scrubbing with machine learning and Python

52 Pages | 3.71 MB |

machine learning and Python. Marius Liaeen, Thomas Hanssen Nornes, Cisco. Carl Martin Rosenberg, Simula Research Laboratory/Certus ...